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Recent reviews for Cary Charlin, DDS
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Megan M.
Megan M. via Yelp Sep 07 2016 Straight-up, Dr. Charlin is the BEST. When I moved to LA last year, I spent weeks trying to find a dentist's office that didn't feel scammy or hustle-y,... Read more
Ellina P.
Ellina P. via Yelp Sep 10 2019 Do not recommend. Terrible team from top to bottom. Whether with intent or not, or perhaps incompetence, was overcharged. Avoid. Read more
Andrew R.
Andrew R. via Yelp Jan 24 2017 Been going to Dr. Charlin for 15 years and highly recommend him, Angela, and Amanda for great work at fair prices. I always feel at ease in their care.... Read more